Benefits of Dancing

Looking for the Fountain of Youth?
You’ll find it on the dance floor.

How about confidence?
It’s here, too.

Want to lose weight and build muscle?
Ballroom dancing does that.

And stress?
It’s no match for the focus and clarity you gain while dancing. Ballroom dancing causes you to live in the moment, so you stop worrying and start living.

What about an easy way to meet people?
Ballroom dancing opens up a whole new world of friendships, parties and nights out.

The health benefits are amazing: “Ballroom dancing is the best step to avoid Alzheimer’s” The Times, June 20, 2003, by Dr. Joe Vergese, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. The study showed that ballroom dancers can reduce their risk of dementia by nearly 75%.  Why? Because ballroom works your brain as you memorize patterns, works your body as you dance, throws musicality into the mix and forces you to work with a partner.

The highly respected Mayo Clinic Newsletter frequently urges patients to take up ballroom dancing for its numerous mental and physical benefits.

Ballroom dancing even helps Parkinson’s patients. “Dancing improves their quality of life,” Sun News, April 26, 2010, by Dr. Kimberly Trickett from Parma Community General Hospital.

Dancing enhances your life in so many ways. Be sure to check out the “Student Testimonial” video to find out what ballroom dancing at Fred Astaire has done for them.

“Dancing has increased my stamina, helped me drop three dress sizes and given me great joy!” — Lois Davis, student, Fred Astaire Willoughby

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