Do I need a partner?

Absolutely not! About 60% of our students come without a partner. They dance with one of our certified, professional instructors…making it fast and easy to learn.

What should I wear for my lesson?

Something that’s comfortable with a bit of class. You want to be able to move easily. In the winter, wear layers! You will get warm on the dance floor, and you may want to remove a heavy sweater.

What about shoes?

Comfortable leather-soled shoes work best on the dance floor. Any type of sling-backs, backless shoes, tennis shoes or boots are discouraged. Absolutely no flip-flops. You can purchase dance shoes in our convenient dance store.

Can I focus on 1-2 dances at a time?

All of the dances at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are interrelated, it is just as easy to learn 3-4 dances as it is to learn 1-2. In most dance situations, you will need to know a variety of moves and dances.

Where will I use this style of dancing?

Fred Astaire Dance Studios teaches a style of dance that is used in any social situation. Weddings, cruises, company parties, New Year’s Eve and other nights out on the town…all allow students to use their dancing in many different ways. Every Friday evening, our students join us for a Practice Party, giving them a chance to dance to a variety of music and maneuver around a crowded dance floor. We also enjoy periodic Salsa Nights in downtown Cleveland and other “field trips” to dance venues around the area.

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