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The Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio Trophy System is a fun and easy method of teaching that allows you to measure your progress while enjoying all the benefits of dance. The Fred Astaire Trophy System has been approved by the National Dance Counsel Of America (NDCA) and combines the basic elements of dance to create an exciting new level of social and competitive dance. The new Fred Astaire Trophy System was put into place by the Fred Astaire National Dance Counsel which has over 30 United States and World Champion professionals. So whether you wish to become a confident social dancer or a national competitor we have the programs and instructors to help you reach your dancing dreams.

Introductory Program – This program is designed to introduce you to the basics of ballroom dance and help you decide which dances you like. Our goal is to build confidence: In yourself, that you really can learn how to dance. In your instructor, that he or she is a good fit for you. And in our studio, that we are the right place for you to learn to dance.

Beginner Program – A great way for you or you and a partner to learn some of the basic elements of dance and to get an understanding of what you would like your dancing to do for you. This is our first stepping stone in teaching students to become confident and comfortable social dancers.

Social Foundation – A tailor-made program following the Beginner Program. It’s designed to give you a strong foundation in the social dances. You will solidify the basic elements of your social dances while learning to “Hold Your Own” in any given social dance situation. This program also provides an excellent stepping stone to our next level of instruction – the Bronze Trophy System.

Bronze Trophy– The Bronze Program will cement your knowledge of dance so you can use it the rest of your life. Social Bronze Dancers learn a wide variety of steps in all the popular dances. In a short period of time the Bronze social dancer gains the fun, poise, and confidence which enables them to dance with a variety of partners to a variety of music.

Silver Trophy – The Silver Program is all about “flash” — whether dancing socially or competitively. These are the dancers that other people stop to watch.

Gold Trophy– The Gold Trophy is our highest level of social dancing. These dancers are pros in everything but name. They have great technique and terrific expression.

Open & Exhibition Programs– An Open or Exhibition program can be used in conjunction with any of our above Trophy Systems. Here, students practice choreographed dances…whether as show numbers or for competition. These programs allow students to truly express their personalities.

Coaching Lessons – Our coaching lessons provide our students with the chance to work with the top United States and World Champions. The coaches are flown in different times of the year to help our students with either preparing for a competition, choreographing exhibition routines, or providing their years of teaching experience to enhance our students ability on the dance floor.

Wedding Programs– Every year, hundreds of engaged couples come to Fred Astaire Willoughby to create a memorable first dance. We can help you, too! We will choreograph a simple, yet showy,  routine that fits your personality and style.  Whatever song you choose,  our wedding specialists will make sure you look good, have fun and feel comfortable.  Less stress on your wedding day! For more information, check out our Wedding Program page.

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