Willoughby, OH Charity Show To Raise Money For Alzheimer’s Association

Charity Show Choreography Begins March 23

Last year, Fred Astaire Willoughby’s charity show raised $1900 for the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  This year, the studio and students hope to raise even more.  The show is scheduled for August 10, 2013…but the real works starts right now.


Broadway Theme Just Announced



Last year's cast of GLEE: Big Stage Ballroom

Last year’s cast of GLEE: Big Stage Ballroom


This year’s charity show theme is….Broadway! That means you will enjoy numbers from early Broadway all the way to today’s most popular shows.


Students will meet with Fred Astaire National Choreographer Jim Carter on March 23.  Jim choreographed and stage-managed last year’s Glee-themed show, which featured 20 numbers.   His choreography has won numerous awards in competitions around the country.  We LOVE working with him, and can’t wait for another round of amazing performances.



After Jim and each student selects a show number, Jim spends five days choreographing the numbers.  Students will meet with him from March 24-28, get their show numbers on video and then practice for months with their instructors.  Then on August 10, it’s showtime! We will hold the show at Harvey High School Theater in Painesville. The state-of-the-art auditorium seats 600 and tickets will go on sale in mid-summer.  Look for more details as the show approaches, and tell your friends.


We chose the Alzheimer’s Association as our charity because ballroom dancing has been shown to decrease its risk.   A study in the New England Journal of Medicine says ballroom dancing can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 76%.  That’s a HUGE number.   The reasons:  ballroom dancing causes you to memorize patterns, move physically, develop musicality and socialize with a partner.   All of these make ballroom dancing a fantastic way to keep your mind in top shape.



Ballroom dancing can reduce your Alzheimer's risk by 76%

Ballroom dancing can reduce your Alzheimer’s risk by 76%


So mark August 10 on your calendar!   You can enjoy a great show and contribute to a great cause.

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